customize your ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, shake, or pudding on the spot

you design it. we create it instantly.

Co-founders Cora Shaw and Jason McKinney are excited to be the first to bring you the ability to create your own ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, hot pudding, or shake from scratch right in the store.  Our rapid freezing, super sweet liquid nitrogen machine instantly freezes your customized treat into a uniquely smooth and creamy dessert.  Just step into our dessert factory and customize your ultra-fresh creation on the spot.

Inside our Wicker Park Café you won’t find pre-made selections in a cooler or soft serve dairy machines. We make everything on the spot so that you get exactly what you want. Choose ice cream, yogurt, sorbet, hot pudding, or a shake. Then pick the flavor and fresh fruit or candy toppings. So spoil yourself or go healthy: fill up with smooth iCream ice cream, or go light with non-fat yogurt topped with fresh fruit.  And because your creation is made on the spot, you’ll walk away with a uniquely fresh and creamy treat.