What makes your ice cream and yogurt so fresh?

iCream’s liquid nitrogen creation system freezes the liquid base you choose right before your eyes to create a uniquely fresh and creamy treat! Not only is the freezing process a lot of fun to watch, but your treat can’t be any fresher. The ice cream, yogurt, sorbet, or shake you design doesn’t sit in a cooler or come from a soft serve pump – it’s literally in your mouth seconds after it’s created.

Are there really thousands of fresh combinations available at iCream? How do you do that?

Thanks to the quick freezing process we can make it all from scratch. You can choose any combination with 5 liquid bases, hundreds of flavor combinations, and 30 toppings. That adds up to more than half a million ways to design your creation! And check our favorites section on the menu page for our most popular combinations.

How long will it take to freeze my creation from scratch?

Once we mix together your dessert base with flavor and sweetener, the freezing process takes about 90 seconds. Without a line your order will take about 3 minutes from start to finish.

Will the liquid nitrogen affect the taste of my creation?

Liquid nitrogen is what allows us to turn your design into a uniquely fresh dessert. It is perfectly food safe, and is commonly used for dozens of applications for food processing and food preparation. While liquid nitrogen is used for many temperature-related applications, it’s particularly useful for freezing foods because nitrogen is odorless, colorless and tasteless.

Are the sweeteners iCream uses all natural?

Yep, we have three sweetener choices:

1. Liquid Cane Sugar – pure cane sugar. No corn syrup here. Perfect for anytime you would use “white” sugar, only better.

2. Sugar Free – A sugar substitute (Splenda, Equal, Sweet’n Low) with all the sweetness and none of the sugar. All of the taste, none of the calories.

3. Unsweetened – No sugars, no substitutes, no problem. Just pure iCream.

I have been waiting for a store that has soy ice cream because I am lactose intolerant. Can I get your soy-based ice cream in all the same varieties as the regular and light ice cream?

Yep. You’ve been waiting for it. We’ve got it.

I heard your rice puddings and traditional hot puddings are made on the spot too. Can I get them in any one of the ice cream flavors?

iCream puddings are another customizable treat. Heated on the spot to perfection and available in any one of our available flavors or a combination of two flavors. Apple & cinnamon is our most popular pudding, but feel free to create your own flavor combo.

The ice cream shops in my neighborhood are nothing like iCream. When will you be expanding beyond Wicker Park?

iCream is opening in Frisco, TX and Dubai in 2013 so check our Facebook page for updates. We want to bring our one-of-a-kind experience to more than just our hometown friends.